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Protecting the Sanctity of Life.

Felicia Rabourn is truly passionate about this issue, as the only candidate running in the 47th district endorsed by Kentucky Right to Life, she will fight diligently to protect the sanctity of life. She is committed to supporting legislative efforts to protect the unborn.


The Stakes are High

Felicia Rabourn has proven leadership in advocating for the second amendment. 

Most recently she took a stand and presented to the Fiscal court in Henry, Carroll, Trimble and Gallatin County the second amendment resolution. This resolution was needed to protect individual counties from Red flag laws. 
Many counties in Kentucky passed the second amendment resolutions to send a strong message to leadership in Frankfort - a strong and clear message that we the people will not tolerate “red flag laws”. 

Felicia also attended and spoke at the Second Amendment rally in Frankfort in January 2020. 

If elected, you can count on Felicia Rabourn to fight for your rights granted to you by God and the United States Constitution. 

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For a Better Future

The drug epidemic has impacted our small towns, our counties, and this district severely. This issue is very important to Felicia Rabourn as she has personally felt the impacts of someone living through addiction. 

At a young age, Felicia’s father abused drugs and lost his battle to addiction just recently in February 2020. Felicia wants to address the concerns of addiction, poverty, and getting this district on track so the cycle can be broken. 

Felicia Rabourn will advocate for solutions in Frankfort and will diligently work with the community to fight this epidemic. 


Helping Future Generations

Felicia Rabourn understands the importance of having a strong educational system for children to develop in.

Children desperately need the resources necessary to ensure a proper learning environment that will foster learning. Our education system must be ready to prepare students for college, trade school, and life in the workforce.

Felicia Rabourn will work with stakeholders from across the community to address the educational needs of our district to ensure that students receive the support that they deserve.

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Eradicating Government Waste

Felicia Rabourn is dedicated to ensuring that your tax dollars are spent in a transparent and accountable manner.

The citizens of the district demand that their tax dollars are used to support meaningful projects, not government waste.

If elected, Felicia Rabourn will work to eliminate wasteful spending and ensure that every dollar spent is properly allocated towards meaningful and appropriate projects.

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