A Brighter Future for Generations to Come

Felicia Rabourn is a Young Conservative Republican.

Born and raised in Kentucky. 

Felicia currently resides in Turners Station with her husband Michael and two children. 

Rabourn who grew up in Henry County currently works in a financial advisor's office helping local families save and build for their future. Previously, Felicia worked with the Kentucky Department of Community Based services helping to connect local families in need with resources that help them grow and thrive.

Felicia Rabourn also has worked in the trenches of the healthcare industry for 10 years. Her compassion and willingness to serve others is something the 47th is needing. Felicia helped providers at local hospitals and offices to deliver high-quality patient care. 

Currently, Felicia Rabourn is active with the Henry County Republican Party; where she serves as the youth chair. 

"Growing up in Henry County, I've seen firsthand many of the challenges facing our communities- like poverty, drug abuse, and more. I've also seen what happens when we work together in our communities to fight challenges like these head-on. That's why I believe it is so important to step up and lead the fight." 


Felicia Rabourn is running for State Representative to be a voice in Frankfort so that our children and families can have a brighter future.